The goal of our unique educational supply and toy store is to provide our customers with the highest quality learning products available.  We cater to teachers, parents, grandparents, students, and children of all ages...those interested in stimulating and challenging eager minds.

We're not just for teachers, ya' know!

Education Station, Inc. is located in Lancaster, PA.  Our aim is to provide a wide range of quality educational materials, equipment, games, and toys for all ages, with an emphasis on providing you with any educational interests you have in your life.

Education Station invites you to use our facility, and we assure you we'll try everything we can to make your experience with us a good one.  We pride ourselves on having a friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service.

 If you are a teacher or home schooling parent, you have found a resource to help you in your professional endeavors with bulletin boards and trimmers, stickers, student awards, resource books and more.

 However, if, you are looking for a new and challenging card game, a travel game, a baby gift that is developmentally sound, a puzzle for a kitchen table activity, or a game to play on those stay at home nights, you have also found the right place; Education Station, Inc.